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Why Rent from Property Owners?

Have you every wondered why the vacation rental property where you were staying was so expensive? Most lodging accommodations rented through property managers charge you for the rent, their expenses, overhead, and profit. Property managers or agencies are typically business units of real estate agencies who manage vacation rentals, flats, pensiones, etc., for owners, in their local area. The house, condominium, villa or whatever that you rent has to be cleaned and maintained, reservations have to be taken, travel agencies require referral fees, etc. - just like at hotels and motels. If you are renting a private summer home, a ski lodge or any other type of holiday property, the property manager is operating a tourism business that must pay the property owner their share of the rental price, plus whatever expenses they have incurred, AND make a profit. Of course, all of these fees and charges are passed on to the renter. Sometimes the property managers will charge the owner up to 50% of the rental price!!

When you rent privately owned homes directly from the owner, you can realize significant savings. Usually, the property owners will research the local rental market to establish a fair price. And, most of the time, the rental owner will have to reduce their price in order to attract more business. For instance, a condominium owner in Destin, Florida doesn't have the advertising budget that a vacation rental property agency representing hundreds of properties does. Florida has thousands and thousands of rental properties. So, the owner does a couple of things to make their property more attractive to prospective renters. First, reduce the price relative below similar properties in the area. Second, use the internet to get the word out. It wasn't long ago that being able to reach a worldwide customer base was unthinkable. Now, by using the internet, the owner can "show" their property to renters in France, South Carolina, California, Hawaii, Portugal or anywhere in the world and you can contact them directly.

Renting from owners also has other advantages. Typically, owners renting directly, rent their "homes". This means that you will find much more personalized and even eccentric living environments. You will also find more convenience and personal items for your use. And, when you contact the owner, they can usually direct you to local events, happenings and places of interest that the typical tourist would not be aware. It's almost like knowing someone where you are going. So, go ahead and ask questions of the owner. You will find that most owners take pride in their property as well as its location. It never hurts to ask! -- editor at