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Mississippi Holiday and Vacation Rentals by Owner

Vacation Rentals by Owner
Vacation Rentals by Owner

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Vacation Rentals by Owner

Mississippi Holiday and Vacation Travel Information

The five travel regions in Mississippi include the Hills Region, in the northern and northeastern portion of the state; the Delta, encompassing the northwest and west-central portion of the state; the Capital/River Region covering the southwest corner of the state; the Pines in the east-central portion of the state; and the Coastal Region, including the southeast corner of Mississippi.

Capital/River Region

The Capital/River Region encompasses the southwest corner of Mississippi. It stretches from Jackson, Mississippi's capital city and geographic center, to the historic towns that line the bluffs of the Mississippi River.

Coastal Region

This region includes the southeast corner of Mississippi, from the Laurel area, south through Hattiesburg to the Gulf Coast.

Delta Region

The Delta Region covers the northwest and west-central portions of Mississippi, bordering the Mississippi River on its western edge. It includes cities such as Greenville, Tunica and Clarksdale.

Hills Region

The northeastern hills stretch from the edge of the Mississippi River Delta to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Pines Region

The Pines Region encompasses the east-central portion of Mississippi, with the Alabama border forming its eastern boundary. It encompasses the areas surrounding the cities of Meridian and Columbus, west to Winona and Forest.


Mississippi is divided into five travel regions, the Hills, Delta, Pines, Capital/River and Coastal regions. By searching within one of these travel regions, you can find a recreation site closer to your desired location.


Mississippi offers more than 2 million acres of public hunting land, scenic lakes, and meandering streams to outdoor recreationists. Here, in this land of abundant wildlife, verdant forests, and rich landscapes, family outings include hunting, fishing, hiking - or just relaxing by an open campfire at the end of each perfect day. Adventure seekers revel in the lush vegetation surrounding fifty-foot waterfalls, and demanding hiking trails amid the rugged beauty of Clark Creek Natural Area. Mississippi's travel regions range from the beaches and marshes of the Gulf Coast to the Mississippi River and its oxbow lakes, to the foothills of the Appalachians. Be sure to look for for vacation rentals by owner in Mississippi.


With its Gulf Coast, the Mississippi and other large rivers, numerous lakes, lush forests and Appalachian foothills, Mississippi offers a surprising range of outdoor recreation opportunities. Some of the most popular activities include boating, water skiing, sailing, fishing, hunting, camping, picnicking, hiking, swimming, beach-going, and viewing historic sites. Great opportunities for vacation rentals by owner in Mississippi.


Mississippi lies mainly in the subtropics. The climate is mild with the coldest months experiencing low temperatures near 40 degrees F. Summer temperatures frequently reach 100 degrees F, with coastal breezes providing cooling relief. Humidity is highest in August and September reaching an average close to 90%. The highest rainfall comes during the spring months, but December and January are wet, too. Expect temperatures in the northeastern hills region to be somewhat cooler than the rest of the state.