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Vacation Rentals by Owner

Minnesota Holiday and Vacation Rentals by Owner

Vacation Rentals by Owner
Vacation Rentals by Owner

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Vacation Rentals by Owner

East Lakes Minnesota

Minnesota's East Lakes region is made up primarily of vast woodlands(great for vacationing and vacation rentals by owner), and secluded lakes. This topography makes the East Lakes a pristine area to camp, canoe, and fish. Dotted with logging towns, the area's east is bordered by Lake Superior, the largest freshwater body on earth. Superior's shoreline extends north to the border with Ontario,Canada, and though some sections are industrialized by docks and ports, there are many fine beaches, islands, and dunes that beg to be explored and enjoyed. Duluth sits on the western shore of Lake Superior and is one of the busiest ports in the country. While Duluth's heavy industry has downsized in recent years, its shipping history and waterfront location make it one of East Lakes' most interesting destinations. Venture to Canal Park and see the port's Aerial Lift Bridge rise as ships come to, and leave from the harbor. Grand Rapids is another attractive spot, as this old lumber town is home to the Judy Garland Museum, dedicated to the controversial movie actress and singer who was born here. This will appeal to her large family of fans, as well as to the simply curious.

West Lakes Minnesota

The West Lakes region of Minnesota is bordered on the north by Manitoba,Canada, and on the west by North Dakota. This area is sparsely populated, when compared to the bustling Twin Cities metropolis to the south. Logging towns are the major centers in the region, and make a good place to stay while enjoying the natural surroundings of West Lakes Minnesota. Camping, hiking, and canoeing are among favorite activities, as the lakes, woods, and rolling landscape of West Lakes make it an outdoor adventurer's sanctuaryand a great place to rent a vacation property from an owner. It is unlikely to find a resident in West Lakes that is not passionate about fishing. Bemidji is a lumber town where statues of the legendary logger Paul Bunyan and his faithful blue ox, 'Babe', are displayed in the downtown, and the Detroit Lakes area also has many charming and affordable lakeside resorts and cabins.

Twin Cities Minnesota

Made up of the large metro areas of St. Paul and Minneapolis, the Twin Cities bustle with entertainment, cultural productions, and professional sporting events. Both centers have a wealth of museums, including the Museum of Questionable Medical Materials in Minneapolis, and St. Paul's Minnesota Museum of American Art. The Mississippi River, which separates the Twin Cities, is not only a geographical landmark, but also a setting for recreational activity on the waterfront, and the river itself. Nearby in Bloomington, The Mall of America is a shopper's paradise. As the largest mall in the U.S.A., the shopping center boasts an overwhelming 520 outlet stores, a giant walk-through aquarium, and an amusement park.


Minneapolis is recognized as one of the cultural and entertainment capitals of the United States, and is a modern city perched on the west side of the Mississippi River. Its downtown area is the heart of the Twin Cities, and the skyline is made up of attractive high-rise buildings, many of which are linked by a series of enclosed overhead 'skyways.' Cheer on the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves at the Target Center, or delight in the theatrical arts at one of the city's many venues. Dining options in Minneapolis are seemingly endless, as the downtown core alone gives travelers the option of just about any kind of cuisine one could think of. Art centers, galleries, and museums are abundant and of high quality. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is a free-of-charge center focusing on the history of art, particularly European. Minneapolis is the larger of the two Twin Cities, and features a more modern scene, physically and culturally, than its neighbor St. Paul. Many vacation rental properties here for rent by owner direct.

St. Paul Travel

Minnesota's capital is the smaller and quieter district of the Twin Cities. St. Paul retains a more historic look than Minneapolis, the other twin city just across the Mississippi River. Though St. Paul is continuously growing - new high-rises are being steadily constructed - the past is well documented in such centers as the Minnesota Museum of American Art, and Historic Fort Snelling. St. Paul is recognized for its wealth of architectural mastery, ranging from the Minnesota State Capitol, to the dramatic Landmark Center. Walking tours are a popular way of becoming familiar with the Waterfront City, as are boat rides along the Mississippi. For nightly activities, the Ordway Music Theatre offers Broadway musicals and concerts, and the nightlife and restaurant selection in St. Paul is varied and of high quality. The state capital has a refreshing blend of cultural history, stunning scenery, and modernized infrastructure.


Bloomington's claim to fame is also Minnesota's top tourist attraction - the Mall of America. The Mall of America is the largest shopping and entertainment complex in the United States. As well as over 500 shops, the mall contains family entertainment centres Underwater Adventures and Knott's Camp Snoopy - the largest indoor family theme park in the US. Adjacent to Bloomington is the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge. This refuge is one of only a handful of US urban wildlife refuges, where wilderness areas mingle with urban centres.

Within Bloomington's Hyland Lake Park Reserve is the Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area, which offers a terrain park and ski and snowboard runs. Bloomington is only a 15-minute drive from the twin cities of Minneapolis and St Paul and all of the attractions that they offer.